Serving Diverse Industries and Communities

At HTX Consulting, our work extends across a wide spectrum of sectors, including homeowners, government entities, insurance companies, airports, and more. Through meticulous environmental assessments and tailored solutions, we empower diverse clients to create safer, healthier environments. Discover how our expertise benefits various industries, ensuring comprehensive safety and compliance.

HTX Consulting Services Provides Environmental Consulting For:

Ensure your family’s safety with our expert home assessments. Accurate measurements of environmental factors provide peace of mind.

Partner with us for accurate environmental evaluations. Our assessments provide insurers with valuable insights.

Expert environmental assessments for real estate professionals, buyers, and sellers. Assess indoor air quality risks before any remodel or demolition project.

Trusted by military and federal agencies, our precise environmental assessments ensure safety and compliance. We support crucial operations with reliable evaluations.

With a focus on healthcare excellence, our services for hospitals encompass regulatory compliance, environmental safety, and strategic guidance.

Comprehensive environmental assessment and testing services for all government levels. 

Healthy school environments are vital for academic success. Our assessments identify issues affecting indoor air quality. 

Professional assessments help property management companies recognize and manage environmental problems efficiently. 

We assist municipalities with comprehensive environmental assessments. Our services ensure public safety, regulatory compliance, and effective environmental management for communities.

The hospitality industry demands impeccable standards. Our environmental assessments guarantee compliance and safety, creating a secure and enjoyable environment for guests and staff.


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